About Us

Our Story

Seipel Group is a Brisbane, Australia-based research and development focused nutraceutical company founded by Dr. Tracey Seipel, a renowned Australian naturopath, clinical nutritionist, educator, researcher and award-winning formulator, who pioneered the natural urological health category.

Our story begins in the late 1990s with Tracey’s dissatisfaction with the options for patients with bladder weakness. Tracey took on the challenge of bringing poor bladder control ‘out-of-the-closet’ and combined her clinical formulation experience with an unwavering commitment to develop a long-term stress-free solution with minimal side effects. 20 years later Urox® was the outcome.

The product that began as labour of love in a suburban clinic is now becoming the global benchmark for natural bladder control, and is significantly improving the quality of life for many thousands of people.


We are backed by science

Urox® is the only clinically researched herbal formula proven to support comprehensive healthy bladder control. In 2018 our randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted on 150 adults at three leading Australian universities was published. Efficacy of Urox® after 2 months of use showed:    

  • 23% of participants reported normal continence
  • 60% reduction in occasional urinary urgency
  • Meaningful reduction (nearly halving) of nocturia
  • 60% average reduction in occasional urinary incontinence
  • 75% of users reduced occasional pad usage to one or less per day
  • 90% of Urox® users felt satisfied with Urox®
  • Results were seen in as little as 2 weeks with greatest benefits at 8 weeks
  • All Urox® users showed improvement in Quality of Life



We innovate

The uniqueness of our formula has been validated by the granting of multiple bladder and prostate patent families. Urox® is currently patented or patent-pending in 25 countries with numerous global trademarks. 

We support sustainability

We work closely with our raw material suppliers to ensure effective quality control for our product. The herbs for our extracts are wild-crafted or grown without the use of pesticides. Through our suppliers, we support sustainable farming and replanting of native forests. Additionally, Urox® is delivering a flow-on environmental benefit as it reduces adult diaper and padded underwear usage (now the 3rd biggest landfill issue globally).


We educate

We are at the leading edge of international research on bladder health. We share information to help destigmatize this widespread health issue. Our CEO, Dr. Tracey Seipel, is a dynamic, well-recognized, formulator and educator who provides expertise on natural urinary health for companies, medical/practitioner associations, academia and government in Australia and Asia. We regularly publish white papers, contribute to trade journals and magazines, and share third party research, all of which highlights the bladder weakness issue, and promotes awareness of natural options. Due to our work, the once overlooked area of bladder health, is now a category in health food stores, pharmacies and distribution supplement company lines.


We achieve

  • 2021 Winner NutraIngredients Europe Awards: Product of the Year Botanical
  • 2021 Finalist Asia Eldercare Innovation Awards: Innovation of the Year, Product
  • 2020 Winner Lord Mayor’s Business Awards: Optus Business Platinum Award
  • 2020 Winner Lord Mayor’s Business Awards: Australia Pacific LNG Award for Business Innovation
  • 2019 Winner of the inaugural NIE (Nutrition Industry Executive publication) Award for the most advanced natural branded nutritional ingredient in the Condition Specific category.
  • 2019 Accreditation as an Australian Trusted Trader.
  • Our published Urox® Bladder Control research achieved the second highest ranking for most online views on the prestigious BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal for 2018.
  • 2018 Winner of the prestigious NutraIngredients USA Nutrition Research Project of the Year.
  • 2006 US Nutrition Business Journal Award for Formulation Innovation in recognition of opening a new health supplement category of Bladder Control.

We care about your quality of life

Our aim is to help the millions of people globally who are suffering daily from bladder weakness, and to restore the quality of life that everyone deserves.

*Schoendorfer N et al (2018). Urox® containing concentrated extracts of Crataeva nurvala stem bark, Equisetum arvense stem and Lindera aggregata root, in the treatment of symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence: a phase 2, randomised, double-blind placebo controlled trial. BMC Complement Altern Med 2018, January 31, Research funded by the Australian Federal Government and Seipel Group.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.