Male, 54 Years

“Now when I am at the footy I get to see more of the game and less of the toilet because my bladder is so much stronger.”

Using Urox® Bladder Control Helped John

  • After 1 month of Urox®, John noticed a significant difference in frequent toilet visits
  • After two months, the tables had turned and he was watching his mates head off to the bathroom

John’s Story:

John is an active male with good bladder control most of the time. The exception is when he is drinking beer with his mates. He knows age is creeping up on him and was conscious that after his second drink his need for bathroom visits had dramatically increased over the past several years.

John mistakenly thought bladder frequency problems in men were all about the prostate, but prostate support approaches hadn’t helped him. A friend told John about Urox® for energy and bladder health.

John’s results on Urox®

After one month of use, John noticed a significant difference in his frequent toilet visits at his local bar. By two months he was doing so well that he actually became more aware of how often his mates were visiting the bathroom.

In John’s words:

I didn’t really think I had a bladder problem, but was told Urox® would support healthy bladder and kidney, which I thought would be good for me and might help pick up my energy levels. I really like going to the pub and meeting up with my mates for a few beers. I knew every time after my second beer, I would have to go the toilet and then every pint after that. After taking Urox®, I didn’t have to go to the toilet until after 3 or 4 beers. I also noticed how much my mates were all running to the toilet because I was standing around being left alone at the table waiting for them to come back to continue our conversation. Another positive is that now when I am at the footy I get to see more of the game and less of the toilet because my bladder is so much stronger.

Clinical comment:

What John was experiencing was a diuretic effect of increased urination by consuming alcohol. Natural diuretics include alcohol, caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolates) and nicotine. Certain foods can also be classified as bladder irritants, including citrus fruit, kiwifruit, spices and chilli/capsicum and tomato. These foods don’t seem to affect everyone in the same way, but sensitive individuals with bladder control issues may benefit from avoiding them for a period to see if their bladder control improves.

As Urox® helps to support the bladder and support control, John found he was better able to hold even though he continued drinking beer with those diuretic effects.

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